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Abrolhos Islands

Historic Abrolhos Islands

Located apporx. 70km off the coast of Geraldon are the stunning Houtman Islands, commonly known as The Abrolhos Islands. This world-famous archipelago comprises 122 small islands which officially landed on the map when the historic Batavia (Dutch East India Company) ran aground in shallow reef on June 3, 1629.

Whilst the Islands have a chilling history ending in the mutiny of 264 of the 332 persons onboard, they are fast becoming one of the most sought destinations for diving, fishing and snorkelers. Constant water temperatures of between 18-26 degrees provide the perfect breeding ground for an abundance of marine species and rare birds, not often found at these latitudes. This is due to the convergence of two major currents. Turtles, sea lions, corals and tropical fish and invertebrates are found in abundance.

Charter 1 offers private charters to the Abrolhos Islands between May and Oct. Capella provides the perfect vessel for exploring shallow reefs and shipwrecks in comfort and style. An immersive history lesson accompanies days spent snorkeling, fishing, diving and exploring islands relics that are largely untouched. Make no mistake, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Why a catamaran?  With an indoor lounge, 5 bedrooms, tonnes of space on the bow and stern decks, we have all the comforts you won’t find on other boats. When the wind gets up – there’s no boat you’d rather be on.  Fully equipped with all the creature comforts and fully self sufficient and eco friendly (we produce our own water, power and with a bit of luck, fish for dinner!)

2024 Availability: Unfortunately there are no tours or charters scheduled at Abrolhos Islands at the current time.