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Why sailing catamarans make the ideal charter vessel

Why sailing catamarans make the ideal charter vessel

Double the hulls, double the fun!  Sailing catamarans provide the perfect platform for creating fond, lasting memories on the water. Whether its a birthday, corporate event, or just a fun day out with friends, here’s a list of reasons to consider chartering a sailing catamaran this summer.

1. They have SO much space

Not only is it like having two sailing boats side by side, the real space advantage comes from what is called the ‘bridgedeck’ – the platform in between that connects them.  All that space in-between makes a wonderful indoor (or outdoor) area for entertaining, or simply lounging around.  Comfortable, sheltered, and sitting high up above the water, it’s easy to see why many full-time sailors prefer catamarans for living aboard.   Capella is surveyed for a total of 40 people including crew, making it the largest capacity sailing catamaran operating full time out of Perth.

2. They can access really shallow waters

Catamarans get their stability from their width, whereas single hulled boats generally gain stability from their depth. Catamarans therefore tend to have very low hulls which allows them to access very shallow water. Capella also has retractable keels to enable her to go right up onto the sand.

There are so many benefits to having a “low bottom”.  Sail over reefs without disturbing them and watch stingrays glide by.  Anchor in waist-deep crystal blue waters.  Access the beach without having to swim too far.  And if the south-westerly gets up (as Perth is notorious for) you can just tuck closer in to a bay to gain protection from the elements.

3. They’re friendly on the environment and marine life

Without loud and smelly engines running constantly there is not only less fuel being consumed, there’s less chance of scaring or hurting the ocean ecosystem. Making it an environmentally-conscious choice.

Sail past sea lions and watch dolphins dart around the hulls as you glide through the water under sail, leaving only the water behind you.

4. No side to side swaying

Because catamarans don’t lean from side to side, there’ll be no aching bodies or spilled drinks. And with less motion, it also means those prone to seasickness are less likely to fall ill.  This is also makes them an ideal vessel for young and old.  As past guests have said: “Even with a few white caps it was always smooth sailing”.

5. They have so much deck space to lounge around on

Those big white trampolines at the front are as comfortable as they look. The perfect spot to sit and spot marine life, or share a platter of antipasto and bubbly at anchor. Enjoy watching fish swim beneath you as you bask in the sun, taking in that magnificent WA coastline. There is also the huge seating area on the stern (back) where you can sit and watch the world fade into the distance behind you.

6. Uninterrupted views

Take shelter inside without compromising the view. Experience 360 degree views from the large windows inside, located high up above the water. No need to bunker down in an enclosed cabin if you’re looking to escape the sun or take a bit of a rest.

The Verdict

The comfort and ease of a catamaran makes them an ideal charter vessel for seasoned sailors and land lubbers alike. Savor the space with a small group of friends or pack her with people for a party like no other, there is plenty of deck space for everyone. A catamaran is the perfect platform for an unforgettable day on the water!

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