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Sardine Jetty, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle
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About Us

Behind the Helm

Charter 1 along with our signature vessel ‘Capella’ is a leading charter and tour operator in Perth and WA.  Bold, distinctive and highly recognizable by her colour, Capella has been making waves and headlines for over 16 years, for good reason. Our crew pride themselves on offering the highest quality experiences with every single one of our guests.  We’re not like the rest, we’re team Charter 1!

Charter 1 is owned by Jules and Erin who we live locally in the salty town of Fremantle with thier two young children.  The son of Italian solo sailor and geologist, Jules learnt how to navigate sand and rocks at a very young age, completing many ocean crossings with his father throughout the Mediterranean sea.  Raised in Perth, childhood summers were spent on the water at Rottnest, or just anywhere on a boat.

Fast forward to 2017 and after living on the east coast for 13 years where he met Erin. Tired of the big mortgage, long commutes, salaries consumed by daycare costs and just never having enough time to spend enjoying life, they decided to make a change. A BIG change. In the words of 4yo Asha (pictured right) “we bought a yellow boat!!!”. Packing thier life into a 20ft container, they took ownership of Charter 1 on 1st December 2017.

We are incredibly blessed and proud to be supported by a team of equally dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable crew

Our Team

Friendly, professional crew who live and breathe these waters

Divemasters, Marine Biologists

Our Boat

12.5m iconic yellow catamaran 'Capella'

Capacity for 40 on day sails (incl. crew)

Sleeps 10 overnight (5 bedrooms)

Our Tours

Range from Fremantle or Rottnest

Private Charters

Overnight Accommodation

We are incredibly blessed and proud to be supported by a team of equally dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable crew, and a wonderful support network. Divemasters, Freedivers, Marine Biologists – we have the best team in Perth, at least, that’s what our guests tell us.

It is our vision to share with as many people as possible the adventure, freedom and peace that can be found through sailing and of course, the amazing beaches and abundant marine life that we are blessed to have in abundance in Western Australia! (So much of which can be found on our doorstep, just km from Perth!).

We are passionate about promoting responsible behavior so that it is there for future generations to enjoy.  We can’t wait to see where our adventures on this beautiful vessel (affectionately known as ‘The Yellow Cat’) take us!

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Thanks for stopping by & we hope to see you onboard Capella soon!