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About Us

About Charter 1

Hello there! We are thrilled to introduce ourselves to you as the new owners of Charter 1 and Capella!

Who are we?

Why should you trust us with your next day out on the water?

We are Jules and Erin and we live right here in the salty town of Fremantle with our young family. We have grown up in and around the waters of Perth and WA, travelling up and down the coastline many times over, always in awe of its stunning beauty. Being the son of Italian solo sailor, Jules has spent many hours sailing the ocean, completing many cross-country crossings with his Dad from a very early age where his love of sailing and all things ocean begun.

Rest assured you are in good hands, and every now and then you may see Marcello pop in to say “Ciao” and invite you for a Limoncello! (that’s if he’s not sailing the seas of Italy or Croatia)

We are incredibly blessed and proud to be supported by a team of equally dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable crew

Our Team

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Our Boat

Stunning stable catamaran, Capella

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Together we’ve sailed international waters, done the ‘big lap’ around the coast of Oz, swam with whale sharks, real sharks and even some humans now and then too!! We built professional careers in Melbourne where we started our family inclusive of the four legged kind. But it was the love of the ocean, and that little tug that WA does to you after you’ve been gone too long, that led us back home and to Charter 1.

We are incredibly blessed and proud to be supported by a team of equally dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable crew, and a wonderful support network. And of course we are incredibly excited! It is our vision to share with as many people as possible the adventure, freedom and peace that can be found through sailing and of course, the amazing beaches and abundant marine life that we are blessed to have in abundance in Western Australia! (So much of which can be found on our doorstep, just km from Perth!). We are both passionate about the ocean and promoting responsible behavior so that it is there for future generations to enjoy.

We can’t wait to see where our adventures on this beautiful vessel (affectionately known as ‘The Yellow Cat’) will take us!

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Thanks for stopping by & we hope to see you onboard Capella soon!