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Easy ways to live more ECO

Easy ways to live more ECO

Remember your reusables

How many times have you forgotten your reusable bags? Probably not as often as we have! #guilty

Return your bags to your car as soon as they are unpacked or make a special place for them at the door where you can’t miss them on the way out.


Plastic free swaps

Are there everyday items you could easily swap for more eco-friendly options?

Replace plastic toothbrushes with bamboo.  Swap plastic bottles of hair and skin products for bars. Change clingwrap for beeswax wraps.


Speak Up!

Start saying no to the cafe that serves your morning bagel in a polystyrene box.  Ask them if they have any better options, like paper or in your BYO container. Polystyrene is terrible for the environment, with much of it ending up in our oceans!

Charter 1 co-owner Erin tried this at her local cafe.  After requesting paper rather than a polystyrene box, within weeks she noticed they switched ALL their packaging to paper and bamboo.


Renovate responsibly

With many of us currently renovating, no doubt you’ve seen your fair share of polystyrene and plastic. If you have to buy new, many retailers will allow you to leave the rubbish with them to recycle and some appliance companies even take your old appliances and recycle them.

With your next renovation, consider using natural materials over plastic basin materials. Cheap isn’t cheerful – it’s hurting our planet.

Hit the beach (BYO bin bag)

Grab a bunch of mates, lather on the sunscreen and hit the beach with a few bin bags.

Download the Tangraoa Blue Foundation’s data sheet and record what you find.  The data you collect will help them implement changes to stop rubbish at the source!


Find your motivation

Do you want to save the sea lions? Ensure a healthy earth for your children and grandchildren?

Dig deep and find your motivation.  When you feel you are falling off the wagon, remind yourself why you want to make a change.


Buy nothing

Use your local ‘buy nothing’ or ‘buy, swap, trade’ Facebook page. If you don’t have one, start one! The more of a circular economy we create, the better off our planet will be.

No longer is excess and ‘brand new of everything’ fashionable or smart. Not only is it good for the planet, it will give you the warm fuzzies when you give to others in need.

If you’re a Freo local like us, here is a good place to start!


Choose Eco Accredited

Charter 1 is Advanced EcoTourism Accredited, a certification for the nation’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products. For operators committed to conserving the natural environment and local communities.

Operators must adhere to a strict audit, proving actions taken in areas of environmental management, education, cultural respect and many more. Read what it takes to become eco-accredited here.

We want to know your eco tips!  What small, practical changes have you made with success? Send us an email or get in touch on socials.