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Sardine Jetty, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle
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Responsibility Statement

This statement sets out the reasonable responsibilities each party has in relation to your booking which is fundamentally an offering of services (by us) and the acceptance of service terms (by you) for a date and time.

Unfortunately we have seen a huge shift in expectations when it comes to the ownership of responsibilities when unexpected events pop up. Requests for consideration “outside of policy” are now the norm, not the exception, and can occur multiple times in a day.  As a small business we simply cannot afford the repeat financial and operational impact that booking changes can have on us and other customers, and so boundaries must exist. These are our cancellation policies and they are provided to you prior to booking.

Cancellation policies exist precisely for the unexpected, not the foreseen. 

Operator (our) Responsibilities

Notwithstanding known risks which have the potential to impact services (weather etc) which are made known to you before booking:

  • We take responsibility for providing you as much information as we feel you may reasonably require to attend your booking, on time and in the right location.
  • We agree to make ourselves available for questions, and to reply within a reasonable time frame, during reasonable operating hours.
  • Where services are  unable to proceed (e.g. due to weather), we agree to honor the refund or reschedule terms in your booking, noting that if you have booked via a third party, additional third party terms may apply in addition or even override ours (Note: we have no control over third party policies).

Customer (your) Responsibilities

  • You agree read all of the policies and information given to you prior to your booking and attendance.
  • Public tours offer a way to share the cost of an experience with others. For these to run, all agree to the joint terms of service and cancellation policies. You agree to take full responsibility for turning up at the required time and date.  And if not, that all losses shall by borne by you where you can no longer attend (for any reason) or if you fail to arrive in time.
  • You agree that minimum numbers and good weather are two fundamental requirements for a service to proceed and in continuing to book, you accept this risk at your own cost.