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You are invited to join us for a once in a lifetime experience
on the beautiful World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, just off Exmouth. 

That means more swimming time for you!! 1 boat to 1 plane.



On Charter 1's whale shark tours you can snorkel with whale sharks, interact with manta rays, encounter dugongs, turtles, humpback whales, dolphins, amazing colorful tropical fish and coral in the Ningaloo Reef just off Exmouth. Swimming with a whale shark is an unforgettable experience!

The Coral Coast of Western Australia is home to an abundance of unique wildlife full of national parks and reefs ready to be explored. Charter 1 operates boat cruises and sailing cruises around the Ningaloo Reef as well as specialising in whale shark snorkel and dive tours. All equipment is provided on board for the whale shark tour including snorkeling equipment and tour guides who are very knowledgeable and passionate about whale sharks. The clear waters and visibility of the North West make for perfect conditions to swim with a whale shark as the whale shark cruise just below the surface, allowing snorkelers to swim alongside this magnificent creature.

Whale sharks are found in the waters of the Ningaloo Reef migrating between March and August. This makes Exmouth a popular tourist destination and a definite box to tick when planning your holiday, and considering things to do. Western Australia attracts international tourists every year drawn to the sandy white beaches and rolling coastlines backing onto a colorful diverse coral reef home to an abundance of marine life and of course, the whale sharks which are found in large numbers on the Ningaloo Reef so it’s no wonder it’s the only place in Australia where people can participate in a whale shark tour and have the chance to swim and snorkel with a whale shark. Charter 1 is the perfect platform for your next whale shark adventure!

Did you know? 

License charges included in your whale shark tour go towards funding the Department of Parks and Wildlife's various research programs of whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef and world wide, in an effort to protect, conserve, and constantly discover more about this beautiful animal.


  • Coach transport from Exmouth and return*
  • Own spotter plane - that means more swimming time for you. 1 boat to 1 plane. 
  • Delicious morning tea
  • Healthy and yummy buffet lunch (catering to dietary requirements)
  • Afternoon tea
  • Snacks
  • Tea/Coffee, Water
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Wetsuits
  • USB drive with video footage of your whale shark encounter. (1 per booking/group)
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Celebratory glass of champagne
  • Complimentary gift pack
  • Whale shark swimmer certificate
  • No sighting policy **
* We can arrange to pick you up from the early flight to Exmouth and get you in the water swimming with a Whale Shark the same day - contact us for further details.


Our air-conditioned bus will collect you straight from your doorstep where you’ll be greeted by our fantastic crew members and welcomed on your journey of a lifetime! Listen in or chill out during the drive down the coast as we’ll be telling you all about what your about to experience.

Get ready to board Concorde, our purpose built 14.5mtr Whale Shark Expedition power vessel. Meet the rest of your crew for the day and set off in comfort. We’ll take exceptional care of you, fit you for your fins, masks and wetsuits and ensure everybody is 100% at ease, feeling confident and excited!

Warm up by dropping into one of the most beautiful Reefs in the world at our first snorkel site and discover an abundance of coral, tropical fish, turtles and potentially even manta rays or dugongs. Our guides will be right there with you in the water to steer you in the right direction, and to pay special attention to any modest swimmers. Feel free to grab one of our floating noodles should you feel like the extra bit of floatation.

While your busy exploring the reef, the spotter plane has already departed and is searching for our first Whale Shark cruising nearby.

Seen something that your curious about? Ask our guides! All of our crew-members have a passion for the ocean (it’s their life!) and are your knowledge bank for all things aquatic.

When a Whale Shark has been spotted, it’s all systems go! The skipper heads the boat towards the Whale Shark’s location. There’s a buzz in the air, the excitement and anticipation mount amongst crew and passengers alike. You will then be split into two groups and prepare for your jump into the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo…

You and your guide drop in and get up close and personal to the worlds biggest fish, this is your chance to experience wonder and marvel at the sheer size, grace and elegance of the biggest fish in the world. Most of these sharks are between 4 and 12 metres long but have been know to grow as large as 18 metres!

Our professional photographer is all the while capturing every moment and from the very best angle for you to take home.

It’s likely that this won’t be your only shark, the pilot has been busy searching for another gentle giant to swim with, and on his call get ready to do it all again… And again!

It’s hungry work, don’t we know it! We’ve already got lunch on the way as we head back in to look for Manta Rays, Dugongs and even Humpback Whales (when in season). You’ll get yet another chance to pack more into your trip, go snorkeling or make use of our Kayaks and Paddle Boards to surrender those last bits of energy you’ve got stored away to this wondrous aquatic playground.

To celebrate, kick back and enjoy with a glass of sparkling and a seasonal fruit platter while we meander our way back to mainland. Wrap things up with a comfortable cruise right back to the front of your accommodation. You’ll walk away wondering how you didn’t do it all sooner!

Still want to join our tour but don't want to swim with a Whale Shark? Join us as an observer!






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