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Our Yellow Safety Naiad is the perfect safe and stable platform to whisk you from Tantabiddi boat ramp out to your home for the day, upon one of our larger vessels. This naiad has quite an incredible history... 

Tasmanian adventurer Robert Pennicott, fellow skipper Mick Souter and cameraman Zorro Gamarnik completed their epic circumnavigation of Australia
After more than three months at sea onboard this Naiad making the trio the first to circumnavigate Australia and Tasmania in an outboard-driven boat.

The Naiad was one of two 5.4m yellow inflatable dinghy-sized RIBs that travelled 12,000 miles in an anti-clockwise direction along the coast.
Robert and his crew completed this amazing feat in order to raise money for conservation and to help Rotary eradicate Polio from the world.

Many legs of the journey were open for auction, with members of the public able to bid for a seat to come on one of the boats for a day. This was an additional fundraiser for the cause. The Gulf of Carpentaria was the hardest stretch with Robert, Mick and Zorro tackling this on their own.

"We spent 26 hours without a stop, getting hit by waves every
12 seconds with fish leaping out of the water hitting us in the head,"
Robert said.
"I even had to tie Zorro to the seat so he didn’t fall out of the boat".

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