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Why Choose Charter 1?

We are a couple who have spent many years enjoying the ocean delights of the West Australian coast. We have been fortunate enough to visit amazing places and experience the natural beauty that this environment has to offer. Today we take joy in being able to educate and share this with others, and when we can, with our own two small children.  

It is our vision to be able to share this slice of paradise with you as we take you on journeys to places near and far leaving you with memories for a lifetime.

There are many locations along this part of the WA coastline and Rottnest Island Marine Reserve which lay undiscovered to the average tourist. We will share these special locations with you as you marvel at what lies so close to your backyard.

The diverse range of marine wildlife off of the Perth coast will surprise you. You will have the opportunity to observe sea lions, whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, stingrays and sea birds in their natural environment.

The environmentally friendly design of Capella allows you to get closer to marine wildlife due to her unobtrusive quiet method of propulsion and extremely shallow draft which allows us to venture far into the shallows (sometimes even right up to the beach) where other vessels can’t go.

We have loads of equipment for your enjoyment: snorkelling gear, wave skis, a stand up paddle (SUP) board, beach cricket, hammock, large floating bean bags, a cargo net and more. 

Our crew are all trained in Senior First Aid and many also hold the qualification as either a Divemaster or Freediving Instructor. When onboard Capella you will be in a safe and friendly environment and our qualified and experienced staff will do everything possible to ensure your safety at all times.

A high quality waterproof digital camera is on board for all charters with our crew ensuring that we capture you and your group having the time of your lives. All images can be made available to you on request.

Accredited Tourism Business
Advanced Eco Tourism Operator
Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014
Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015
Padi Dive Boat WA
Eco Tourism Australia Operator
Global Sustainable Council 2016